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Incidentally, the IFLA is being managed by the National Association of Consumer Advocates (NACA), another ACORN-like organization that helped inflate the housing bubble with its dubious practices.That Paulson would make such a donation is ironic, in that his contribution came from money that Paulson & Co.

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This organization is highly significant in that for its efforts, the CRL has won a front row seat in helping design the Consumer Financial Protection Agency (CFPA), as one of its major architects is former CRL senior executive Eric Stein who is serving as the Treasury Deputy Secretary for Consumer Protection and will likely be tabbed as the CFPA Czar.By forcing servicers to accept lowered monthly payments, market values would likely fall even further, and Mr. Flirten per whatsapp Paulson would most definitely benefit financially.” This issue though quite suspect is not nearly as significant as the one we are approaching.made a $15 million charitable contribution to the Center for Responsible Lending to form the Institute for Foreclosure Legal Assistance (IFLA).The institute supports local groups across the country providing legal representation to families facing foreclosure.

Single dating Sorø

While overnight, Paulson became a celebrity in the financial community, with the media following his every move, interestingly one tidbit seems to have largely evaded them.As John Paulson noted in a statement to the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform in November of 2008, As we saw the difficulty homeowners were having in making mortgage payments, in July 2007, prior to the initiation of any government support programs, Paulson & Co.Soros of course seems to be behind almost all of these leftist groups as has been well-documented in numerous articles and in David Horowitz’s 2007 book, . Frauen kennenlernen forum When it comes to Soros’ character and aspirations, it bears noting that Soros willingly confiscated property with the Nazis who slaughtered his own Jewish people during the Holocaust, and was quoted in a damning 2004 Newsmax article as saying that he wanted to “puncture the bubble of American supremacy.” He has also had a penchant for making bundles of money off of collapses resulting from the socialist policies that he so ardently supports.This has occurred most egregiously in the financial sector, where there has been a veritable free-for-all in legalized political plunder.

Those who understand the illusory nature of our monetary and symbiotically related political and financial systems have clamored to profit as much as possible before the house of cards falls, with the sanction of our supposed representatives.

According to a trade publication called the Credit Union Times, in early 2008 Republican Representative Patrick Mc Henry sent a letter to Democratic Representative Barney Frank requesting a hearing on the use of non-profits to manipulate markets, citing Paulson’s donation as being reflective of this problem.

Specifically he asserted, “In October, he [Paulson] gave million to the Center For Responsible Lending, which has been leading the charge in lobbying for a law that would let bankruptcy judges restructure mortgage loans.

Under the guise of fostering fairness in lending, the CRL has been used as an attack dog to force banks to lend to poor credit risks.

Due to the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA), redlining lawsuits and the intimidation of groups like the CRL, many banks were threatened into creating mortgage products such as Alt-A and NINJA loans, discarding all rational lending standards and helping create a market ripe for speculators and sure to ultimately be delinquent homeowners.

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