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In the elapsed time between the second and third series, Nyborg loses her position and becomes a businesswoman and public speaker, returning in the third series to form a new political party, the "New Democrats".

DR1 produced a spinoff radio serial, Udenfor Borgen ("Outside the Castle"), to accompany the release of the television show.In the first episode, Birgitte is the leader of a minority political party, the "Moderates". single dating Helsingør However, as a result of a sequence of events following a closely fought general election, she finds herself a compromise candidate for the role of Prime Minister of Denmark and remains in this position until the end of the second series.The main character is Hans Gammelgard (voiced by Danish actor Finn Nielsen), private secretary in the Ministry of the Environment, who faces unexpected adversity after he tries to push for a controlled approach to the cultivation of genetically modified crops by Danish farmers.Reviewer Fiona Sturges of The Independent thought the radio version was "wholly pointless", and noted in particular that, unlike the television series, the radio program was "relegating its female characters to the fringes, casting them as secretaries and anxious mothers." DVDs of the first two series have been made available in Denmark and the UK among other countries. MHz Networks released all three seasons and the complete series box set on DVD coded Region 1.

Online dating Nyborg

Both are coded Region 2 format and consist of the complete episodes as screened on DR1 and BBC4. A novelisation of the first series of Borgen was released in Denmark, The Netherlands and France on 19 February 2013.The Danish release from DR in conjunction with publisher Lindhardt & Ringhof is written by Jesper Malmose.) is a Danish political drama television series created by Adam Price.It tells how Birgitte Nyborg, a politician, becomes the first female Prime Minister of Denmark against all the odds.Head of DR Sales Anders Kjærsgaard Sørensen hopes to have the book available in the UK soon.

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