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WP-1 has recently returned from field sampling in the Moravian Karst region of the Czech Republic, in collaboration with Petr Neruda and the Anthropos Institute, Moravian Museum in Brno.

The focus of this work was on the site of Kůlna Cave, first excavated in the 1880's and one of the most important Palaeolithic sites in the region.

First excavated in 2005, Redaka II contains a rich faunal assemblage and early Upper Palaeolithic lithic and bone tool industries displaying many similarities to the Kozarnika sequence.

Work at Redaka II Cave is part of a new RESET collaboration with Aleta Guadelli (Bulgarian Academy of Sciences - National Institute of Archaeology, Sofia) and colleagues.

dating sider Allerød

The fauna reflects an arctic-alpine or steppe environment; animals typically found in woodland were not recovered. Radiocarbon ages from the sites indicate occupation dating to c.15.9-15.2 ka cal BP.In collaboration with Erksin Güleç (Ankara University, Turkey) and Steve Kuhn (University of Arizona, USA), RESET member Dustin White collected high-resolution sediment samples at Üçagizli Cave I for study of distal cryptotephra. Hoe flirten op het werk This is the first of several Palaeolithic sites in the Levant region which will be the focus of future WP-1/WP-2 sampling.At Kabazi II, first excavated in the 1980's, here we sampled the late Western Crimean Mousterian sequence which caps the deep (~14 m) Middle Palaeolithic site record.This work was conducted in collaboration with Victor Chabai and his team from the Institute of Archaeology, Crimean Branch of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, Simferopol.

Dating sider Allerød

Entitled "Vulkanski pepel in pelod iz Blejskega jezera" the two page illustrated news story discusses the volcanic ash and pollen from Lake Bled (pictured below, right).Access to the article is by subscription from the website of the publisher (click on picture of cover, left) WP-1's final sampling trip of 2011 was recently completed at the sites of Siuren I and Kabazi II in southern Crimea.Stratified sediments near the cave entrance preserve a long sequence of interbedded silty loess and clay-rich silty loams overlying fluvial sands and gravels, and include a rich archaeological record represented by Middle Palaeolithic Taubachian and Micoquian and late Upper Palaeolithic Magdalenian assemblages. kostenlose bekanntschaften Stuttgart Samples for cryptotephra analysis were systematically collected from these levels as part of a new multi-disciplinary study reinvestigating the chronostratigraphy of the site.The rock shelter Siuren I was first excavated over a century ago now and is known to preserve a stratified early Upper Palaeolithic archaeological sequence.

Cryptotephra sampling focused on the Proto-Aurignacian and late Aurignacian levels identified at the site.The October 2011 issue of the Slovenian language popular science magazine "GEA" (vol.XXI, p.10-11) contains an article by Christine Lane and Maja Andric.The Central Balkans was again the focus of recent WP-1 field sampling.This work included a new collaboration with colleagues in Albania (Rudenc Ruka, Institute of Archaeology, Tirana and Michael Galaty, Millsaps College, USA) to survey cave, rock shelter and open-air sites across the country and evaluate their potential for yielding stratified deposits dating to the Middle and Upper Palaeolithic periods.

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