Date danmark Fredericia

Pace-setters with large balloons indicating the expected time will stand next to the sign.

Together with your chosen pace-setter you can keep the pace that is your best.

The starting number may not be modified, so the sponsornames aren´t visible, for example folded or clipped.

-All runners correctly enrolled will have three hours to complete the race. –It is not allowed to have personal bike-support on the route; this may result in disqualification.

We point out that participants with pace for three hours, will not have to feel any pressure.There are the following groups of pacers:, 1.30, 1.35, 1.40, 1.45, 1.50, 1.55, 2.00, 2.10, 2.05 and 2.15. dating portal kostenlos Hamm Your chip will give all participants a brutto- and a nettotime, so there is no reason for placing yourself too far ahead.Brutto-time =from the starting-signal = till you cross the starting-line.Netto-time =from you cross the starting-line = till after the race you pass the finishing-line.

Date danmark Fredericia

After the start the participants runs across the bridge, then they make a loop in Fredericia and runs back across the bridge. There are prizes for the six first men and six first ladies.Back in Middelfart the participants makes another small loop and then they cross the finish line back on the Strandvejen under The New Bridge. Prizes will be given to Danish runners or the runners who are invited by the Lillebaelt Half Marathon to participate.It is not unimportant where you line up in the starting area.We wish everyone to get the best possible race; therefore, we have put up signs down along with the starting area telling the expected finishing time.The max three-hour limit is made visible by two bike-riders.

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